October 10 Ise Shrine

DAY 1 Application

October 11 Toranomon Hills Forum

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October 12-14 Tokyo Big Sight

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Creating New Coffee Culture

TYPICA was founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on November 1, 2019. With a mission to democratize direct trade, we have strived to make high-quality coffee more sustainable to ensure happiness for everyone in the world of coffee.

Ever since, we have expanded our operations beyond Amsterdam to set up headquarters in Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, widening our reach to 59 countries along the way. Thanks to you all, we have grown to become a global platform that serves around 5,000 coffee producers and roasters.

For TYPICA, coffee is not just a delicious drink, but a medium of human-to-human connections and interactions. As part of our efforts to realize that potential of coffee, we will organize TYPICA Annual Meeting starting this year.

TYPICA was established in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tok often, our day-to-day communication with producers and roasters has been limited to the online space. TYPICA Annual Meeting, on the other hand, will be an in–person gathering of coffee producers, roasters and all the coffee lovers around the world who nurture the coffee community together. This will be the first international coffee meeting of its kind where all the participants learn together through dialogue, working toward the shared goal of the sustainable development of the coffee industry.

By sharing the content of this meeting with people worldwide, we also seek to transcend the boundaries between different sectors. In doing so, we hope to pave a path for the sustainable development of all industries, not just coffee.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Japan.

September 2022
On behalf of all members of TYPICA


SDGS Sustainable Development Generational Shapers

The main theme of this year’s TYPICA Annual Meeting is “SDGS – The Start of Sustainable Development Generation.”

TYPICA is a community of people who make it their mission to improve the sustainability of delicious coffee.

Technological innovations have helped ensure better lives for humanity, and significantly advanced the coffee industry. Meanwhile, technology has also accelerated the widening of a gap between the rich and poor and environmental destruction, putting the coffee industry on a perilous path.

We believe that sustainable development is a core theme that should be of urgent concern to everyone living in this day and age, not just those in the coffee industry.

We hope that through the various programs and interactions at the Annual Meeting, each of us will be able to nurture our own take on sustainable development and start afresh as one.

  • DAY 1 October 10

    Experience Symbol of Sustainability: Official visit to Ise Shrine

  • TYPICA Annual Meeting kicks off with learning and experiencing Ise Shrine, the symbol of Japan’s spiritual culture and one of the historically and globally revered sites. Before the official shrine visit, participants will have a chance to learn from a keynote lecture titled “Everlasting Regeneration” by Eiji Hattori, former advisor to Director-General of UNESCO Headquarters. This will be a unique cultural experience where you can learn the essence of sustainability and visit Ise Jingu together.

    Eiji Hattori

    Mr. Eiji Hattori Biography
    Mr. Hattori was born in 1934. He obtained a master’s in literature at Kyoto University’s graduate school. After completing a doctor’s degree at the same school, he enrolled in a doctor’s course at Paris-Sorbonne University on a French-government-funded scholarship program.
    Mr. Hattori worked at UNESCO headquarters from 1973 to 1994, serving as chief spokesperson and head of the special services department in charge of culture. During his stint at UNESCO, he organized the “Science and Cultures” symposium series and “Silkroad: A Comprehensive Survey for a Path toward Dialogue.” After resigning from office, he served as advisor to UNESCO Director-General, special advisor to the secretariat, professor at Reitaku University and its graduate school, president of the Japan-France society of educational sciences, president of The Japan Society for Global System and Ethics, and vice president of The International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations.

    Current Affiliation
    Visiting professor at Reitaku University’s international research institute, advisor to the president of the The Japan Society for Global System and Ethics, director emeritus of The Japan Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, the head of non-profit Kyoto Forum Shisei-juku, director of non-profit World Heritage Academy, Honorary President of World Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations.

    Received the Officer of the Order of Academic Palms from France’s government in 1995
    Received the Academic Prize from The Academic Society of Japan

    “Bunmei no Kosaten de Kangaeru (Thoughts at an intersection of civilizations),” published by Kodansha Modern Shinsho in 1995.
    “Deai no Fukei – Sekai no Naka no Nihon Bunka (Landscape of Encounters – Japan’s culture in the world),” published by Reitaku University Press in 1999.
    “Bunmei-kan no Taiwa (Dialogue between civilizations),” published by Reitaku University Press in 2003.
    “Bunmei wa Niji no Taiga (Civilizations are a big river of rainbows),” published by Reitaku University Press in 2009.
    “Letters from the Silk Roads,” published by University Press of America in 2000.
    “Deep Encounters,” published by University Press of America in 2009.
    “Taiwa no Bunka (Culture of Dialogue),” co-authored with Kazuko Tsurumi in 2006.
    “Mirai Jidai no Kenri–Chikyu Rinri no Senkaku-sha J.Y. Cousteau (Rights in the future era – pioneer of global ethics J.Y. Cousteau),” edited and authored in 2015.
    “Tensei suru Bunmei (Reincarnating Civilizations),” published by Fujiwara Shoten in 2019.
    “Chikyu Rinri e no Tabiji (Journey to Global Ethics),” published by Hokkaido University Press in 2020.

  • DAY 1 Application
  • Date: 10:00-15:00, October 10

    Participation fee: 10,000 yen / person

    Note: Attendance to be capped. Participants will be selected by lottery.

    Venue: 【Keynote lecture】Jingu Kaikan main hall / 【Shrine visit】Ise Jingu, Naiku (inner shrine)

  • DAY 2 October 11

    Meeting International coffee meeting

  • People in the coffee industry, including coffee producers and roasters, will travel from 22 countries to gather at Toranomon Hills Forum in Tokyo for an international coffee meeting. The event will be open to everyone who shares the goal of improving the sustainability of delicious coffee.
    *Space for press is available

  • TYPICA's Presentation
    TYPICA's Presentation

    We are pleased to announce the various new initiatives that TYPICA is launching to realize our vision.
    *Press space available.

  • Producer Award
    Producer Award

    All producer participants of the Annual Meeting will be presented an award. Visitors at the venue will cast their vote based on producers’ presentations and cupping.

  • Dialogue

    To improve the sustainability of delicious coffee, special guests in various fields will be invited to deepen dialogue.

  • Community Dinner
    Community Dinner

    We’ll host Community Dinner for further interactions between participants. This will be an opportunity not only for communication between participants but for a meaningful time together as a community.

Guest Producers Visiting guest producers

  • DAY 3-5 October 12-14

    Impact SCAJ TYPICA Booth and Stage

  • We’ll invite producers and roasters to organize various programs at the venue of SCAJ. Please join the nomination event for TYPICA GUIDE Final Round, which will take place at the stage on Day 2 of SCAJ.

  • TYPICA Radio
  • Community Talk

    It's been three years since TYPICA was founded and to commemorate the occasion we will be hosting a talk talk show with invited guests who have worked with us to cultivate this community.
    You will also have the chance to taste the coffees from nominated roasters from the TYPICA GUIDE Final Round.

  • DAY 3-5 Book your seat here
  • Community Talk

    Date: October 12 (Mon) - 14(Fri), 2022, from 10:00 to 17:00. (Closes at 16:00 on Day 5)

    Participation fee: Free
    Please go to SCAJ’s official website to apply for entry to the venue.

    Note: Attendance to be limited. Reservations are necessary for participation slots, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Non-reserved seats for walk-ins are also available. Details to be decided at a later date, and reservations do not guarantee a seat.

    Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Halls 3 and 4.
    Address: 3-11-1, Ariake, Koto Ward, Tokyo

  • TYPICA Radio
  • TYPICA GUIDE Final Round

    The Final Round of TYPICA GUIDE, which introduces you to truly delicious coffee, will take place at the stage of SCAJ, where the 3-Star Roaster will be announced. Seven 2-Star Roasters will give presentations and brewing performances on the stage. Special Nominators and visitors will vote to decide the 3-Star Roaster.

    In addition to the Special Nominators, coffee producers and roasters from 20 countries will also be at the venue.

TYPICA GUIDE Special GuestsTYPICA GUIDE Special Nominators

Special Nominators are a panel of coffee producers, roasters and prominent coffee lovers from various fields.
They will be at the venue of Final Round, too.

  • Tomoko Namba


    Founder and Executive Chairperson of DeNA Co., Ltd.

    Tomoko Namba

    Namba joined consulting firm McKinsey & Company in 1986. After earning a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1990, she was appointed as Partner (executive) at McKinsey & Company in 1996. She founded DeNA in 1999, and now serves as Executive Chairperson. She became the owner of the Yokohama DeNA Baystars professional baseball team in 2015. She is the author of “Bukakko Keiei,” among other books.

  • Shuzo Kishida

    Food and Beverage Industry

    Owner Chef of Quintessence

    Shuzo Kishida

    Kishida was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1974. After training at multiple restaurants in Japan and France, he further honed his craft under the tutelage of Pascal Barbot, chef at Astrance in Paris. After returning to Japan, Kishida opened Quintessence in May 2006. The restaurant was awarded three stars in MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2008, published in 2007, and has won the accolade every year since.



    Hip hop artist


    KREVA made a solo major-label debut with a single titled “Neiro” in 2004. Throughout his career, he has always blazed a new trail for solo hip hop artists. He also makes songs for various artists and produces other musicians’ works. He does everything himself, from writing lyrics, composing music, track making, rapping, and producing other artists’ songs. KREVA is one of the most important figures in Japan’s music scene.

  • Chizuru Muko


    Executive editor and director of sustainability at WWDJAPAN

    Chizuru Muko

    A native of Yokohama City, Muko graduated from Tokyo Woman's Christian University and started her career at EDWIN. She joined INFAS Publications in 1999. As a journalist, she mainly reported on fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo. She served as editor-in-chief of WWDJAPAN, a fashion and beauty trade journal. She has been in her current post since April 2021.

  • Michal Molcan


    Founder and editor-in-chief of Standart

    Michal Molcan

    Michal Molcan is the founder and editor-in-chief of Standart, an independent print magazine about specialty coffee. With a dedicated readership spread across 83 countries, Standart is a Climate Neutral certified business. It was awarded 2021 Best Coffee Magazine and featured in Forbes, Eater and the New York Magazine.

  • Peter Muchiri


    Founder / CEO of Rockbern Coffee Group

    Peter Muchiri

    Peter is an economics graduate from the University of Nairobi​. He is also a trained accountant from Strathmore University. His love and passion for coffee can only be traced to his childhood, whereas he grew up in a coffee growing family. A book fiend and an ardent disciple to the Bushido creed. He loves simplicity and mobility. A proud dad and a loving husband.

  • Fikri Raihan Hakim


    Java Frinsa Estate

    Fikri Raihan Hakim

    Based in Indonesia. Graduated from IPB University with a degree in Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering. A grandson of a farmer and a son of a farmer, Fikri aspired to be a farmer himself since his childhood. He started growing coffee at the family farm Java Frinsa Estate in 2011 and processing coffee in 2014 (first harvest). In 2016, he began coffee exporting, and the year after, started coffee cupping training. His expertise is focused on cultivation and management of Arabica coffee plantations and Arabica coffee processing.

  • Nadine Rasch


    Founder & Director of Primavera Coffee

    Nadine Rasch

    Born and raised in Guatemala, Nadine spent much of her childhood on her family’s coffee farm. After studying and working in finance in the UK, she started working in coffee in 2012. Realizing the potential in the specialty coffee market, she returned to Guatemala to work on her family’s farm with coffees from other producers. In 2013, she founded Third Wave Coffee Source Ltd., now Primavera Coffee, to connect the best coffees from Guatemala to roasters in Europe and North America. Nadine is a Certified Q Grader and Q Processor.

  • Ayane Yamada


    Co-founder of TYPICA

    Ayane Yamada

    Yamada is a co-founder of TYPICA. She is in charge of communication with coffee producers and quality control. After falling in love with coffee when she was a university student, she aspired to work closely with coffee origins. She co-founded TYPICA after accumulating experience as a roaster and working at a coffee start-up.

  • DAY 4 Book your seat here
  • TYPICA GUIDE Final Round

    Date: October 13 (Thu) 2022, from 12:30-14:00

    Participation fee: Free
    *An admission fee for SCAJ is necessary. Please go to SCAJ’s official website to apply for entry to the venue.

    Note: Attendance to be limited. Reservations are necessary for participation slots, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-ins may be able to secure non-reserved seats. The seats closest to the stage are for reservation-only.

    Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Halls 3 and 4. Address: 3-11-1, Ariake, Koto Ward, Tokyo